Portable Living Via Technology

The seed had been planted. I wanted to do this.  But could I?  While it’s true that it doesn’t take too much for basic survival, I didn’t want that to mean deprivation.  A motorhome would provide a roof over my head, a bed, bathroom, and kitchen.  Basic needs fulfilled. How about the secondary needs?  Not true necessities,  but stuff I’d rather not do without.  For me that means a computer with internet access, a decent sound system with music library, and television.  Pretty simple, really.  The hardware isn’t too much of a challenge.  For the computer a laptop would be ideal, but even a compact desktop system could work.  There are some pretty nice audio components made for the mobile environment, plus some compact home equipment that might be modified as well. And TV is, well, TV.  For those who want it, satellite TV adapts well to the RV environment, but personally I’m happy with what I can pull in with an antenna or the occasional DVD.  How about the internet connection and music library?  As recently as less than ten years ago the internet connection would have been almost impossible, and what was available, via cellphone, was very expensive and excruciatingly slow.  Now there’s cell-based wireless broadband service, satellite internet service, WiFi all over the place, and other options just over the horizon.  And a music collection?  I’ve been a music lover all my life, and a working DJ for part of it.  Can you imagine my trying to carry around a collection of thousands of vinyl records, hundreds of CDs, and hundreds of cassettes?  Not too long ago I’d have had to decide between music and mobility.  Not anymore.  With digital music storage and small hard drives with huge capacities, it’s now possible to carry an immense music library in the space of a single paperback book.  Add XM Satellite Radio and it’s like having a library of millions of songs, plus news, sports, talk, comedy, and more.  Cool.  Maybe this really can be done without too much technology deprivation. 

3 responses to “Portable Living Via Technology

  1. It can be done very easily. Its my (an my wife’s) plan in less than 7 years. With a dish that gets tv and internet, you’re all set. I can’t wait. Work is now like a prison sentence.

  2. HomelessOnWheels

    That sounds like a good plan, Joe, especially if you want the TV. It’ll work anywhere! I opted for the “wireless broadband” (EVDO) as it was less hassle and lower initial and monthly cost. And I don’t need the satellite TV. Drawback is it only works if there’s cellular service, so if I get far enough in the boonies, no internet. WOW… seven years. That’s gotta be a painful wait. OTOH, lots of time for planning and preparation.

  3. John A Borgeson

    I’m in the process of customizing a 1950 International Metro for my off the grid home & cruiser. I am a cartoonist, painter , illustrator & caricaturist. I want to use my motorhomelessness to follow art fairs and such..GAS,ELECTRIC,WATER & PROPERTY TAX BILLS SUCK MAN..THE TOON DUDE.

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