Minority By Choice

Minority By Choice

When we hear the word “minority” we usually think of race, sexuality, or physical attributes. But many of us belong to self-chosen minorities. I’m a naturist, a full-time RV-er, and a ham radio operator. Any one of those is a minority group in itself.  When you think of how many (few?) other people simultaneously belong to all three of those groups, that’s even more of a minority. Funny how we still manage to find each other, though. I can think of at least half-a-dozen other nude rv-living hams without even trying hard. What minorities have you chosen to belong to? How do you feel about being a minority? How do you feel when you find others like yourself? Call in and join the conversation.

Friday, May 1, 2009 at 10:00am Arizona & Pacific time. Listen at www.blogtalkradio.com/homelessonwheels or you can join in the conversation (or just listen) by dialing 646-478-4783.

2 responses to “Minority By Choice

  1. You have a lot of good opinions.



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  2. Interesting that you should mention this, as it occurs to me on a regular basis that I belong to so many fringe groups that I might as well hang myself on a beaded caftan.

    When I attend a La Leche League Conference this next weekend, I’m missing out on the Vegetarian Festival and a Sling walk as well.

    Vegan, minimalist, extended breastfeeder, green voter, attachment parent, opera singer, technical writer… 🙂

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