Desert Rain

After weeks of 110-115 degree temperatures, it’s a delightful 75 degrees and raining here in the Arizona desert. Need I say more?

One response to “Desert Rain

  1. Gary from Florida no more!

    Just wanted to get this out to the world!
    Maybe I’m doing the wrong thing, but this needs to be done in every town in Amerika!
    I’ve gone to ground in San Luis Obispo on the central coast in California about 200 miles north of LA.
    The weather here is the best weather I have ever encountered. Highs in the daytime about 82-85 max, no humidity to speak of and lows in the upper 40’s to the mid 50’s.
    The think is that there are a lot of homeless people here living in the riverbed or their cars or their RV’s like me. There are good services for these people where one can go every day and have a free shower and 3 free meals and do their laundry.
    There is also an activist judge who has put an injunction on the police to stop them from ticketing homeless people. The city council has passed another ordnance barring people from living in their cars and some of the RV owners have been ticketed, but they take the tickets to the lawyers fighting the city on the grounds that their law is unconstitutional.
    As it is, I’ve been here for some few days and haven’t been bothered at all and there are probably 15 RV’s all mostly old parked on the city streets in a light industrial area in the city and I haven’t been bothered at all by anyone. In fact, I sleep like a baby!
    My whole program now is to summer in this area and go to the slabs in the winters! I’m sitting with a sweater on at 9:30 am and the high today is supposed to be 71.
    I have a few months to go before I get my Social Security so I’m looking for work just to by gas and food, but if and when I get to 62, I’m filing and hope to live in my camper until I get too old to do anything!

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