Jean Shepherd Christmas Marathon

Jean Shepherd Christmas Marathon

Tune in all day today, Christmas Day, for the Jean Shepherd Christmas Marathon. Hear him read from his original story that inspired the now-classic holiday movie “A Christmas Story” as well as Grant Reynard’s “Rattling Home For Christmas” – a great train story.

Jean Shepherd was an American humorist and these are but a few of his broadcasts from the 1960’s and 70’s when he had a late-night radio show on WOR in New York. Today’s marathon features some of his Christmas Eve and Christmas Night broadcasts.

One response to “Jean Shepherd Christmas Marathon

  1. Hey Mike!! Happy Desert Christmas!! I’m coming down from the Catskill Mountains and yes I remember Jean Shepard…my dad used to listen to him in the car…I was on WWOR about a year ago, with Joey Reynolds, a WWOR disc Jockey, and the coolest stuff in their studio space was seeing the plaques on the wall hailing Jean Shepard and Gambling (John ‘Rambling w/ Gamblin”)…very NYC…

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